Ellucian Colleague

Ellucian Colleague is our campus administrative system. (These types of systems are also known as ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning systems) If your work requires access to Colleague and you do not have it, please have your division head or supervisor contact techsupport to request access. Access also requires permission from the department head of the functional area. For example, the Director of Financial Aid approves access for financial aid related security classes and screens in Colleague.

Within Colleague there is a help button (question mark) that offers documentation on each screen and links to more inforamtion.

Another source for documentation is the client site for Ellucian. If you do not have a login on the client site, you can get one by filling out the form to request an Ellucian Hub account.

Once you have a login for the client site, in addition to being able to access documentation through their "Ellucian Support Center" you will also have access to the Ellucian "eCommunities", a discussion board where you can share information with other Ellucian clents.

In Spring 2017, the University deployed User Interface 5.3 a new version of the web interface that works in any browser and including mobile browsers. UI 5.3 is availalbe on the portal and at this address - https://ui.spalding.edu/ui. Make sure you have your pop up blocker set to allow access. 

The old user interface UI. 4.5 is being deprecated. As of July 27, 2017 it is still available at this link https://datatelapp.spalding.edu/ui45/.