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Spalding University Quick-Facts

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(under "Factbooks" in the right column of this page)

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has produced the 2016-2017 Fact Book in order to provide useful information to the Spalding University community.  It serves as a reference for members of the university community, providing data on students, programs, finances and assessment activities.

The data contained in this edition is based primarily on data reported for the 2016-17 academic year and compiled from various resources for comparative purposes.   

Unit Masterlists 
(under "Your Unit Reports" in the right column of this page)

  • Serves as a "master-list" of students who report to your department for advising (with an additional tab for those reporting primarily to another department).
  • Includes all graduate and undergraduate  students with active programs, updated regularly.
  • Includes Key Performance Indicators, such as
    • Spalding GPA,
    • completed credits,
    • latest session of registration,
    • restrictive registration holds,  
    • contact information.
  • For internal use only by Spaldin g faculty and staff with duties relating to advisement

Please contact Rob Giesting for questions about the Masterlist or other reports on this site.  You may also submit an Institutional Data Request at the Spalding Helpdesk.

Unit "Active Unregistered" Reports 
(under "Your Unit Reports" in the right column of this page)

  • Based on the Unit Masterlist, contains a list of undergraduate students who are actively registered in the current semester, but who are not registered for the upcoming semester.
  • Excludes students who have applied for graduation.
  • Contains only the following fields (consult the Unit Masterlist for more information about each student):
    • Advising Responsibility
    • SID, Names, Student Type, and Primary Program
    • Restrictive registration holds,  
    • Phone Numbers and Spalding Email





 Notice: Institutional Reporting is Moving!

Hello, Data Fans,

Please note that the reports and dashboards that have been available on this site are moving to Sharepoint Online.  

Look for the "Eagledata" card in the new Portal.  All reports that you are used to seeing here will be made available there along with most of the same dashboards (and some new ones!).

Go and check out the new site now
(link below).  
If you have any trouble, please contact Rob Giesting at