What is Reaffirmation?
Reaffirmation occurs every 10 years for SACSCOC member institutions. The result is a "reaffirming" that the College continues to be in compliance with the SACSCOC membership requirements as detailed in The Principles of Accreditation: Foundation for Quality Improvement (copy available from SACSCOC website).

Reaffirmation has two components:

1. Compliance Certification

2. Quality Enhancement Plan


Timeline for Reaffirmation

December 2014 - Orientation for Spalding Reaffirmation Leadership Team

September 2016 - Submission of Compliance Certification

December 2016 - Submission of Quality Enhancement Plan

February-March 2017 - On-site visit by SACSCOC team

December 2017 - Decision on reaffirmation by SACSCOC


Spalding Reaffirmation Leadership Team

Tori Murden McClure, President

Dr. Randy Strickland, Provost

Dr. John Burden, Associate Dean, Kosair Charities College of Health and Natural Sciences

Kay Vetter, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. John Wilcox, Director of University Studies

Dr. Michelle Reiss, Chair, School of Business, Professor of Marketing

Dr. Dede Wohlfarth, Associate Professor, School of Psychology

Chris Hart, Dean of Enrollment Management

Mark Hohmann, Chief Financial Officer

Ezra Krumhansl, Chief Information Officer